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Supervision & research support

We provide support for researchers, students and practitioners in the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault (DVSA) fields. We deliver training and workshops in trauma-informed approaches to researching domestic violence and sexual assault.


Supervision for domestic violence & sexual assault researchers

While supervision is usually a required aspect of working in DVSA practice, for researchers and scholars in these areas there is, typically, little recognition of the impact that this research can have on them. The role of a researcher is also different to that of a practitioner, with less opportunity to offer practical assistance to victim-survivors, and due to the isolated nature of this work, there is a potential for the experience to be more traumatising than direct service work in DVSA. As researchers ourselves, and experienced support practitioners, we can provide the specific type of supervision that is often needed by researchers in the DVSA field.


Support for PhD students researching domestic violence & sexual assault

We believe that there are specific ways that PhD students researching in the areas of DVSA need support. Students that may be experiencing emotional distress from the content of their work may also have difficulties meeting deadlines, and moving through the process of their dissertation. We can offer you support with both the impact of your DVSA research, and around the ways that this might be adversely affecting your PhD progress.


Practice-focused supervision for domestic violence & sexual assault practitioners

We can provide you with practice supervision from a feminist perspective which enables reflection, discussion and analysis of practice issues from critical, systemic and structural understandings of the world. The varied concepts of power and control, gender, intersectionality, patriarchy and other oppressions are typically engaged in order to further understanding and reflection of DVSA practice. Practice supervision can encompass personal reflection and debriefing to help you explore the impact that DVSA work has on you, professionally and personally.


Partner with us on research

We are experienced researchers in the fields of DVSA and have researched with victim-survivors as well as practitioners and community members. We have particular skills in qualitative research including in-depth interviewing of victim-survivors and running focus groups and group work. We are skilled in working in sensitive research areas, such as interviewing women with disabilities about violence and abuse, victim-survivors of child sexual abuse and trauma, and victim-survivors of domestic and sexual abuse.

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