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Practice-focused supervision for Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault practitioners

Practice supervision may or may not be offered to DVSA practitioners by their organisations. Sometimes supervision is provided but does not cover the issues that need discussion or does not provide opportunities for in-depth reflection on practice and individual practice development. Practitioners who do not work in organisations can feel isolated in their work and seek practice supervision to explore their own practice.


Deb and Delanie provide practice supervision from a feminist perspective which enables reflection, discussion and analysis of practice issues from critical, systemic and structural understandings of the world. The varied concepts of power and control, gender, intersectionality, patriarchy and other oppressions are typically engaged in order to further understanding and reflection of DVSA practice. Practice supervision can encompass personal reflection and debriefing to help you explore the impact that DVSA work has on you, professionally and personally. 

Deb and Delanie are guided by the AASW Code of Ethics and the AASW Supervision Standards in their supervisory work. 


How is practice supervision provided?

Supervision is primarily provided to individual practitioners. Sessions run for 55 minutes and are provided via telephone or Zoom.

Please book here to organise a 15 minute session where you can see if our approaches are a good match for you and your needs. We can also provide group supervision. 


We are available to support practitioners in Australia, and internationally. We are based in Melbourne, Australia (Australian Eastern Daylight Time), and our work is governed by the laws of Victoria.


Our Fees

Our fees are based on a sliding scale in proportion to income, please contact us for more information.

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