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Partner with us on research

We are experienced researchers in the fields of DVSA and have researched with victim-survivors as well as practitioners and community members. We have particular skills in qualitative research including in-depth interviewing of victim-survivors and running focus groups and group work. We are skilled in working in sensitive research areas, such as interviewing women with disabilities about violence and abuse, victim-survivors of childhood sexual abuse and trauma, and victim-survivors of domestic and sexual abuse. We have also researched with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities.


We have conducted large-scale survey research and are experienced using Qualtrics. 


We have written numerous successful grant and funding applications, and we are experienced in obtaining Human Research Ethics Committee approval for sensitive research topics.


We have strong skills in translating our research into practice, with our findings used to create practical how-to videos for victim-survivors, training for advocates and guides for victim-survivors. Our research has been used in the Magistrates' Court Bench Book, National Domestic and Family Violence Bench Book, as well as drawn on in the Royal Commission into Family Violence Victoria.


We have conducted several evaluations, particularly in the area of violence prevention. We use feminist and participatory methods and a collaborative approach to evaluations. We have collaborated in the development and implementation of the Social Work Graduate Year in Family Violence Practice Program with the Bayside Peninsula Integrated Family Violence Partnership which supports social work graduates’ transition to work in the family violence sector. This program is now included in the Victorian government’s action plan.


We can assist you with:


  • Grant applications

  • Ethics applications

  • Conducting interviews

  • Analysis of data and findings

  • Writing of reports, journal articles and book chapters

  • Translation of evidence to action

  • Process evaluations, impact evaluations, and organisational evaluation capacity building. 


We can also offer support to your team of researchers working on particular DVSA projects, as well as offer support to victim-survivors who may be participating in your research. We’re happy to discuss these services with you to cater specifically to your project needs.

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