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Feedback from academics attending our workshop on trauma-informed supervision:

"I just wanted to let you know how much I got out of the session, and the positive feedback that I received from others attending. I’ve also received some feedback from the research student seminar that they also found that really useful. Thank you so much. Your organisation is much needed" - Dr Jane Wangmann, Senior Lecturer, University of Technology Sydney

Feedback from HDR students who attended our workshop on vicarious trauma:

“The workshop fostered a setting of understanding and empathy which allowed me to discuss and share feelings which can only truly be understood by academics who have also conducted potentially trauma-inducing research. “

“I enjoyed the content and supportive environment. Understanding what vicarious trauma is in the level of detail Deb and Delanie went into was really helpful and will continue to be helpful as I continue on in my research.”

See this blog post highlighting our workshops with QUT research students.

Feedback from a PhD student who uses our supportive supervision service:

"Having the support of DVSA through the early stages of my PhD has been phenomenal, especially during COVID-19. Navigating the emotionally intense and often isolating process of a PhD in anti-violence work is difficult at the best of times - let alone during a global pandemic! I've found DVSA's one-on-one external supervision to be incredibly helpful in helping me through the research journey. Every session is grounded in a clear and strong feminist ethic of care, and I've felt supported from day 1. I highly, highly recommend contacting DVSA if you are a graduate student in any stage of your research."


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