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Workshops and training

We have two workshops that we currently deliver to staff and students in higher education which are based on our practice and research knowledge in domestic violence and sexual abuse: 

  • Vicarious Trauma and HDR (Higher Degree by Research) students (1.5 hours)

    We explore the impacts of research in the areas of domestic violence and sexual abuse. We first take an exploratory and critical look at trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder. We then explore indirect trauma, including vicarious trauma, and how this can impact writing and research processes. We conclude with practical strategies that students can implement to minimise the impacts of vicarious trauma and discuss evidence-based forms of self-care. 



  • Trauma-informed supervision for HDR students (1.5 hours)

    We propose a framework of trauma-informed supervision that can be implemented by supervisors as well as departments and schools when working with HDR students. We begin the workshop by examining trauma, including a critical examination of current theories. This knowledge of trauma forms the basis of a trauma-informed approach. We then cover forms of indirect trauma and available knowledge on how this may particularly impact those researching domestic violence and sexual abuse. The final segment of the workshop covers what trauma-informed supervision consists of and how it can be put into practice.

We can deliver these workshops within Australia, and internationally and can develop workshops based on your individual needs. At the moment, all the workshops are conducted via Zoom. There is a maximum of 12 participants per session. Please contact us for more information, and you can view feedback on our workshops here

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